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  • Share the STORY BRIDGE practice

    Take communities and organizations from story sharing to committed action
  • Give everyone a voice

    -- and a safe, nurturing place to tell their stories
  • Honor those stories.

    Perform those stories with reverence and professionalism.




Performance Based Fundraising


Yarn Exchange Radio Hour

Community Performance Radio



Staging Change Institute

Jonesborough, TN


SCI Discussion Groups

Carry on conversations that matter here.


Story Bridge

Our work and our projects change the way people behave and perceive. 



Transform your community or organization into a high performance creative team.

Community Performance International

Community Performance International’s mission is to grow strong communities by 1.collecting their most powerful assets – their stories 2. performing those stories and 3. exploring the possibilities for community change through strategic conversations.   We are committed to empowering individuals, cultivating communicative agency, building relationships across diverse citizenry, and producing high performance groups. 


Our current work with communities and organizations is highlighted to the right.

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