Middletown, CT

CPI is pround to announce that following the success of our collaboration with the Middletown Youth Services Bureau and the Center for the Advancement of Youth, Family & Community Services, the Town has proclaimed December 8, 2012 as "BIGGER THAN YOU THINK Day".  Such an honor and a privelege to work with the dedicated people in and around Middletown who believe that "All Children Are Our Children"!  Thank you Middletown!  See the proclamation here.

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In partnership with The Center for the Advancement of Youth, Family & Community Services, Inc. and the Middletown Youth Services Bureau, CPI will be working to collect and perform the stories that emerge during the unveiling of the second community survey on Developmental Assets.

Developmental Assets, or building blocks of healthy youth development, is a framework developed by the Search Institute and used by The Center in it's Rites of Passage Experience (www.rope.org) all over Connecticut and throughout the country.  MYSB, with the assistance of The Center, has completed two community surveys, 5 years apart to assess these assets in the community.


CPI will work with The Center and MYSB to collect stories around the presentation of the 2011 community survey, and then create a performance based on those stories, to be presented in the Fall of 2012.

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