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BRIDGE/PUENTE is a collaboration between Thousand Oaks Elementary in Berkeley, CA, Community Performance International, and St. Mary's College of Moraga, CA. Our mission at Thousand Oaks Elementary School is to use theater and story-sharing techniques to honor diversity and strengthen the school community.

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“BRIDGE” stands for: Building Relationships, Inviting Dialogue, Generating Engagement

  • We believe in the power of Story to change hearts and minds, to build and sustain connection over time –and we have seen how relationships are instantaneously deepened when our stories inspire, intertwine, and overlap.
  • Our hope is that throughout this project, with different folks, students, parents, faculty, staff, and those of us from CPI and Saint Mary’s will be able to share and absorb ever more from each other.  With parental permission, some of these stories may be used to develop this year’s 5th Grade play, to be written and directed by Jeni Wendel.
  • All stories will be anonymous. If you don’t want yours used, it won’t be.

When a 3rd Grade class at Thousand Oaks was asked what one word they associated with Storytelling, this is what they said:

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CPI has worked with communities across the USA and abroad to assist schools and youth organizations in cultivating a shared identity.  The goals of each project are tailored to each community, but have included empowering youth to take charge of their success, reducing incidences of bullying,creating mentoring opportunities across age groups and breaking down class, race and socioeconomic barriers inside of the school and the surrounding communities.

Here are some pictures of our work with these communities:

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