A One-of-a-Kind Process: Driven by Values

hands-sanford CPI builds deep, strong relationship through the currency of story and the medium of community performance.

We adhere to these core values throughout the process:   

Diversity, Inclusion, Reverence, Tolerance, Personal Empowerment, Empathy, and Acceptance

We utilize the nation's best practices and years of combined experience in:

Theatre of the People, Playwriting, Curriculum Development,  Community Development, Relationship Building, Experiential Learning, Communicative Agency, Adaptation to Learning Styles, Facilitation, Strategic Conversation

These are the things that make our community performance process one-of-a-kind:    

  • Every role is doubled–everyone has a partner, no one has an understudy.
  • Everyone is on stage, almost all the time.
  • Stories are exchanged and crafted into artful messages of our shared experience.
  • Dropping a line is a chance for relationships to shine, not an embarassment.
  • Demand and draw out the best in absolutely everyone.  The results are astounding.
  • Everyone can sing.  Everyone NEEDS to Dance!
  • Set design and lighting design are artful and produced to match the flavor and history of the community portrayed.
  • Musical scores are born from the stories to tell bigger truths.

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